Women Political Statement :Political Demands In The Manifestation of 13 Agenda of Women’s Interest On The Program Agenda of The Next Elected President

Solidaritas Perempuan with 150 women communities from 13 area in Indonesian; Aceh, Palembang, Lampung, Jakarta, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Mataram, Sumbawa, Makassar, Kendari, Palu and Poso, had been consolidated and criticize the vision, mission and work program from both president candidates and vice president candidates in 2014, and formulate women’s agenda to be accommodated in government programs in the future, by ensuring respect, protection and fulfillment of women’s rights

Women’s interests formulated by women’s community based on the facts of the various strategic of women issues as a result of development paradigm oriented on economic growth through foreign investment as outlined in the development policies and practices in Indonesia, had depriving women’s right to life resources and impoverish women. Reinforced with the neglect of women’s rights by the State as a result of patriarchal culture that gave birth to the inequality power relations between men and women in the social construction that lead to gender inequalities and marginalization women’s access to and control over decision-making in all domains that have an impact on their life .

Vision, Mission and work’s program from both candidates have a commitment to advance the constitutional mandate, particularly in upholding human rights and advance the Article 33 of the State Constitution in the national economy management. We evaluate the vision, mission and work program, where both candidates have not put women as one of the major stakeholders or explicitly mention women as actors in every area and stage of nation and state development. The facts about women existence is often considered to be eliminated and their voice can be represented by the father/ husband/brother, that makes women position aren’t see and consider as a major stakeholder. It is seen from the absence of concrete program in terms of:

    1. Guarantee on women access to and control in decision-making processes in all domains and aspects
    2. Guarantee on women’s access to and control on livelihood/sources of life, especially land, water and natural resources, including land ownership and food resources management.
    3. Guarantee on the rights of women’s body and elimination of discriminatory policies against minority group
    4. Efforts to strengthen, capacity building, empowerment, and active participation of women with substantive equality in all domains and aspects
    5. Protection for women from the environmental degradation impact as a result of industrial activities that threaten women’s reproductive health and / or reinforce gender inequality
    6. Providing jobs for women and the fulfillment of women’s labor rights
    7. Protection and guarantee of the right to security for women from various pressures, intimidation, discriminatory treatment, and attacks against women’s sexuality, including prohibiting military involvement in securing economic investment projects
    8. Recovery and fulfillment of the rights of women victims in armed and conflicts over natural resource.
    9. Recovery and fulfillment of the rights of women migrant workers-domestic workers who have experienced violence and rights violations

In an attempt to embodiment gender justice and respect, protection and fulfillment of women’s rights, had formulated 13 AGENDA OF WOMEN INTEREST, i.e:

      1. Fulfillment women’s access to and control over food management system
      2. Fulfillment women’s access to and control over land and natural resource management
      3. Protection on environmental management and women’s lives
      4. Guarantee women’s health care that gender-sensitive and responsive, especially reproductive health
      5. Fulfillment of the right to education, especially for marginalized groups
      6. The fulfillment on rights to work and protection of workers, especially migrant workers-domestic workers, including the recovery of women migrant workers
      7. Fulfillment on the rights to water, especially clean water for marginalized    women
      8. Guarantee of diversity, the right to autonomy of the female body and the protection of minorities, including the removal of discriminatory policies for women and other minority groups.
      9. Conflict settlement, also restoration and fulfillment of the rights of victims of conflict, either armed conflict or natural resource conflicts
      10. Conflict resolution, recovery and fulfillment of the rights of women victims of expropriation of natural resources
      11. Eradication of corruption and establishment of law that are fairly and didn’t impartially in the interests of large-scale business
      12. Women participation, access to and control in decision-making in all domains.
      13. Fulfillment of the right to safety/security for women in accessing sources of life

Solidaritas Perempuan recommends 13 agenda of women’s interests to be accommodated in the next government program by the elected president, by integrating an inclusive approach, gender-sensitive and responsive to achieve gender justice and substantive equality for women in every sphere and stages of Nation and State development

Jakarta, 25 June 2014


Wahidah Rustam
Chair of National Executive Body of Solidaritas Perempuan

Solidaritas Perempuan Bungoeng Jeumpa Aceh
Solidaritas Perempuan Palembang
Solidaritas Perempuan Jabotabek
Solidaritas Perempuan Kinasih Yogyakarta
Solidaritas Perempuan Mataram
Solidaritas Perempuan Sumbawa
Solidaritas Perempuan Kendari
Solidaritas Perempuan Anging Mammiri Makassar
Solidaritas Perempuan Sintuwu Raya Poso
Solidaritas Perempuan Palu
Women Community in East Java
Women Community in Lampung

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